FALCON 2.0 - 1P/1PG


Reinforced herbicide bar Perendreu model FALCON 2.0 – 1P, where have two versions with different dimensions: reference HER000100-2 and HER000100-3, equipped with: a special system that combines in a single hydraulic cylinder the lowering and the extension of the screen arm with a special system of continuous tension to avoid involuntary movements.

Adaptable on the front of the tractor, on the center or on other attached machine, regulation system of the maximum inclination for the manual screen, guidance system for the water pipe,  Standard screen of 600mm with 2 fixed sprayers + 1 adjustable anti-drip system, reinforced metal protection, screen made by high-density polyethylene, antishock system with automatic return with adjustable spring, greaser in all the joints and anti-drift sprayers, zinced standard finishes. It has a large amount of options to match the machine according to the needs of each type of work.

With the machine is supplied: Manufacturer plate, CE Certificate.


The product dimensions are approximate and are specified for a standard screen of 600mm. In case of incorporating the optional 800mm screen there are to increase the dimensions described in 200mm.

Reinforced herbicide bar - 1 cylinder
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