Platform lift

Self-propelled platform lift TP-150 of Perendreu up to 5 meters of work. Equipped with a Kubota engine bicylindric 4 strokes with water refrigeration and 17CV of power. Diesel, distribution without maintenance, electric start and stop, lights and display for engine state, hours worked counter, 10 liters tank with a easy main maintenance. In addition, the standard equipment includes hitch for transport with tractor, display level for the hydraulic oil, a steering wheel with great turn angle actuated by a command in the basket, traction using separate transmissions with a gear and neutral for transport, actuation of the traction by a sensibilized lever into the basket, high traction force to overcome mud, rough terrain…

Brake on the hydraulic system, basket turn equipped with hydraulic piston with a total movement of 180º (90+90) regulated in speed and driven from the basket, rise and lower arm driven from the basket adjustable in speed and completely sensitized, engine throttle incorporated into the basket, front drewer for small tools, hydraulic equipment for speed change, battery cut-off. Provided with pneumatic equipment of 4HP with double piston and maximum pressure of 12 bar, standard tank of 25L, filtering glasses with pressure regulation + adjustable lubrification for the working tools, 2 air intakes in the basket, 3 air intakes at the base of the machine, pneumatic circuit with valve protection, gauge pressure, draini tap on the air reservoir, easy attaching/detaching and easy maintenance.

With the machine is supplied: Manufacturer plate, CE Certificate.



The dimensions are aproximate.

Platform lift
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