Pruning mulcher

Reinforced professional pruning mulcher FURY model of Perendreu, standard version. Appropriate for the harvest of the grass and crushed branches until 15cm of diameter. The mulcher principal chassis its manufactured with 8+6mm plate with triple row of intern retainers with “U” form manufactured in Perendreu with anti-wear splint. Front blades of own production and zinc treatment with reinforced support bar and a 320mm of intake throat. Guidance bars of the turret very reinforced and high resistance chromed.

Reinforced turret with the standard system of three points, anchors for ball joints of 25/28mm and 19/25mm. Reinforced group with “C” type belts according to the model. Back retainers for the pruning residues. Roller cleaner with “U” form reinforced and adjustable in height. Reinforced back roller of 200mm, four bearings for the rear roller and regulation system for the height with multiposition plates of Perendreu with 8 rows of reinforced hammers, 20mm screws and 470mm of rotor diameter. Belt cover with refrigeration holes. Helical rotor Perendreu multiposition with 8 rows of hammers. Oversized oscillating roller bearings from lieading brands with retains in rotor. Skates, cardan, bolts and hydraulic cylinder with hydraulic tubes are standard with the mulcher.

With the machine is supplied: Manufacturer plate, CE Certificate.


The dimensions and weights are approximate.

Pruning mulcher