Special and electric bar for ATV/QUAD

Electric herbicide arm Perendreu ELECTRON model, special for ATV vehicles, equipped with: one electric elevation aluminum cylinder for the chassis, one electric aluminum cylinder for the extension of the arm and one electric aluminum cylinder for the tilt of the screen. Reinforced chassis with interchangeable parts, standard screen of 600mm with 1 sprayer for 1 meter of working width, ideal for herbicide application up to 15km/h. Handlebar command with multiple switches for their movements and the sprayer activation. Electric system designed by PERENDREU (no necessary an additional battery).

Compact dimensions where doesn’t bother the equipment for the movement of the vehicle, reduced weight in order not to damage the front shock absorbers, speed in all their movements and easy detaching from the vehicle. Greasers in all the joints and anti-drift sprayers, zinced standard finishes. Can be complemented with the water tank kit. It has a large amount of options to match the machine according to the needs of each type of work.

With the machine is supplied: Manufacturer plate, CE Certificate.


The product dimensions are approximate and are specified for a screen display of 600mm. In case of incorporating the optional 800mm screen there are to increase the dimensions described in 200mm.

Special and electric bar for ATV/QUAD